Easter Special | E2


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So tomorrow is Easter YEAY YEAY! A triple YEAY because I will be in Paris tomorrow! This week was not easy; trying to keep up with last minute arrangements is hectic as usual. Today I was finally able to fix my nails after an Egg-coloring massacre!

I decided to coat a nude tone on since I do not want to spend my trip worrying about a Retouche. Not to be too boring I drew s cute colorful design on two fingers, you know since its Easter and all!

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 7.56.24 PM

I will keep it short this time! If you are a fan of simplicity you will like this totally! Stay tuned for my Paris aftermath and a follow up on “the white are coming to Paris”

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Easter Special | E1


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It was April Fools day and we all thought the weather was pulling a little prank on us but the none stopping rain fall and the thin layers of snow proved us wrong! Storm Niklas is here and his winds swiped away the streets taking along my Spring Special with them! Nevertheless, one could still be creative at home.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.54.33 PM

Easter is not so far away and preparations are inevitable. Through-out the week, I will show you my different Easter-Nail looks, some are simple some are complex but for each issue I will combine the designs with an egg Theme. Many of you like to decorate their home according to a theme, or according to a color scheme. Being a Pastel-queen, this E-Special will focus on Baby-Pink.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.54.05 PM


This look is not simple rather minimalistic. The light pink is combined with bulky golden glitter that lay on one finger in a very symmetric way. For this style keep the hands and nails simple – almost invisible – and highlight only one finger with the golden glitter. Since I have square-ish nails I would rather do a geometric design; it is more compliment. I am totally over  rounded nails and since I am traveling soon the most comfortable shape is short-squared (lesson learned). I find long-squared nails a bit cheap looking and they need a lot of maintenance which is very uncomfortable for travel.


There is nothing new about this style but whats great about it is that it always works. You can also play around with colors like pink but I prefer the maturity that gold brings (Another good alternative would be silver). In the upcoming days I will let you know how you can take it up a notch with more complex designs. In the mean time stay warm and see you soon!

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Get The Look | The Pencil Skirt


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DSC_2137-2I am going to Paris in a couple of weeks and just like everyone knows it, packing is the Hölle!! Luckily I’m going there by car, so I don’t have to worry about space nor creases! Nevertheless knowing what to bring along remains a big dilemma for us all. If it helps the lost souls out there, I will share with you some of the items you could also pack.

DSC_2025My first look is a combination of glamor, Cocktail-Chic and Swank. What you need for this look is the classic trio: Pencil Skirt, a matching Blouse, and a complimenting Gilet. You can always upgrade this trio the way you like, but if you are a fan of calm pastel looks, here is how you do it.

DSC_2095-2I  am waring a hard-cuted pencil skirt by “& Other Stories” with a Luxzuz Blouse.  This skirt is very particular, I would make sure not to wear cheap material with it. It is made from really good fabric and any cheap material next to it will look awful.

Because I love the skirt so much and its distinctive cut I want to highlight it. The color is also tricky. To put it En Relief I need to wear a very calm pastel blouse, preferably a sister-shade of Mauve.

This duo might be enough for an office celebration but to “italianise” it I would throw a Faux-Fur Gilet on – in any case a pastel colored one.

Pastels can make you feel dry, for a little vibrance through on a nice Silver/Gold-Collar necklace.
DSC_2124-2Now you have the Hauptsache done! The rest follows one rule and only one rule: wear only nude and pastel accessories to this outfit, unless your name is Nicki Minaj.

DSC_2116_2If you are a b.c. b.g. person pull up a hair bun for a fresh pampered look and if you are a Left-Bank gal then let that hair drop down for a more bohemian allure (soon).

Paris is all about femininity but I always like to break the softness with bulky Eyewear. This is it for now. Stay tuned for my full Paris Special to see what else I’m packing along. Let me know what you think in the comment box bellow and if you have any suggestions for my trip I am all ears!

DSC_2077-2Oh by the way! Car travel can be boring! If you are lucky enough to be in the passenger seat make sure you take some good quality entertainment with you! My Bazaar comes everywhere with me!

What’s in my bag


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DSC_2044 To take a break from styling and fashion designers, today I will let you in on my personal beauty secrets.

Lets face it, we all know what a rush it is every morning to shower, put on your make-up, dress up and run around to make it to work (or what else) on time. I know for sure, that for many ladies make-up is the most time consuming morning-task one ever needs to do.

DSC_2048To be honest, I am not a big fan of make-up and I love natural looks. When I look tired or had little sleep, I rely mostly on creams. One hydrating-cream-Layer and another tinted-protecting-cream-layer usually are enough to give me a tidy-fresh look. My personal favorite is Balea’s hydrating cream for mixed skin. I live in Germany where my skin goes through different weather conditions in one day. To avoid dry spots I use Balea on a daily basis. It keeps my skin hydrated and UV-protected.

However after a long night of work a hydrating cream might not be enough to cover up the tiredness. I also use SVR 50 – Écran Minéral Teinté which is usually used as sun protection but I use it anyway as a skin-evener/protector. Skin foundation is my enemy; I hate how it blocks the skin’s pores. When I have it on I feel like my face can’t breath. Crème Teinté is a big foundation alternative; it hydrates, protects and gives an even bronzing color to the face. This removes most signs of tiredness like, dry spots, paleness and unevenness of the skin. Creams are so convenient because you can spread them anywhere you are with anyone barely noticing…and this in less than 20sec! No brushes no pads in your bag, just two pocket creams and your done! The best thing is, you can find any of these creams at any drugstore or cosmetics shop (especially easy to find if you live in Europe).

IMG_1884Now we covered up the skin area but in extreme cases, you will still have to polish up those sleepless eyes. Late-night parties, mobile phones, computers and Tabs will most likely give you dark swollen fish eyes…nobody wants that! While most beauty experts recommend eye-concealer (Anti-Cernes) but I am a very unconventional person. It might not be the best beauty tip but what works for me is a Matte-Mono Eye Shadow by Terra Natura. It gives me a great glow on the eye lids ant takes away the focus form the dark circles into the the bright fresh-looking eye-lids.

IMG_1928For a more glam-look, I use a Rossmann-Classic Red lip-stick on a layer of Labello lip-  stick for hydration. Other things you might find in my bag: an eyebrow brush for a more defined look, a hook hair-Tie and cover-up Tie. Hook Ties are really hard to find especially in Europe. These are more common in countries where women have long and heavy hair. I got mine from Lebanon. don’t worry if you cannt find this easily I will have a DIY special soon where I show you how you can make your own Hook-Tie.
Tomorrow’s Styling post will feature the hook-Tie and how you can use it to fix your hair. I will also reveal one of the outfits that are coming with me to Paris…See you tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.44.32 PMOne last tip, always keep a pastel nail polish in your bag. Like I said in my previous post, one can never go wrong with pastels and they work as a great nail damage cover up if you didn’t have time to go to the Nail Salon. What I am using now is the YOUSTAR pastel palette.


Glacis-Galerie | In German


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Für unsere deutschsprachigen Besucher haben wir den Artikel über die Glacis-Galerie in Neu-Ulm übersetzt, viel Spaß beim lesen!



Er ist ein guter Tag für Shoppingqueens, wenn der Glacis-Galerie eröffnet. Die Eröffnungszeremonie des Einkaufszentrums war am 20. März geplant. Ich habe sie zwei Tage später besucht, konnte aber trotzdem noch etwas davon erleben. Wenn Sie ein großer Aktionsfan sind, dann sollten Sie so früh wie möglich hin gehen bevor alle Angebote beendet sind.

Zur Eröffnung haben die Shops in der Galerie die verlockendsten Angebote, speziell auf Designer Handtaschen.  Ich als natürlicher Shoeholic, habe mich durch die Menschenmengen gewühlt, bis ich das perfekt Paar Schuhe bei Zara gefunden habe.  Mit meinen Schuhgröße 36 ist es gar nicht so leicht, in Deutschland die passenden Heels zu finden – oder zumindest welche, die nicht beim Laufen vom Fuß fallen. Schließlich war ich dann zwei Minuten bei Zara und  dann gab es dass Hallelujah! An alle Damen mit Schuhgröße 36: Zara ist eure Rettung!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.46.27 AM
Ich will euch nichts vormachen; wenn mann zu einem Einkaufszentrum geht, dann kauft mann mehr als geplant

OH! Did I mention there was canned Prosecco!?

OH! Did I mention there was canned Prosecco!?

Mit den ganzen Angeboten links und rechts, musste ich einfach in den Douglas-Shop gehen. Nach vier Minuten bin ich rausgekommen mit einem YOUSTAR Nagellack Set in verschiedenen Pastelltönen. Mit Pastellfarben kann man ja eh nichts verkehrt machen.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.46.46 AM

Nach zwei Stunden in der Glacis-Galerie, wollte ich meinen Trip endlich beenden. Es war viel zu crowded zum Shoppen. Schließlich war ich zufrieden aber ruheliebenden Menschen kann ich nur empfehlen, noch ein paar Tage zu warten, bis der Eröffnungstroubel beendet ist.

Nächste woche gibt es mein Paris Special mit Styling Tipps und vielem mehr.

Glacis-Galerie – Neu Ulm


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Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.46.27 AM

Its a good day for shopping queens when the Glacis-Galerie reopens it’s doors. The Shopping center’s opening ceremony was set on March the 20th and despite the fact that I did not make it on time, I was still happy that I came two days later. If you are a big fan of discounted items and great offers, make sure you go there as soon as possible.

For the celebration, the Glacis shops have made the most tempting offers especially on designer bags! Me being a regular Shoeholic, I walked through the overwhelming crowd until I found the perfect pair of shoes at Zara. Being a 36 foot-sized person, finding the right matching heals in Germany is quite difficult! I have walked three cities desperately trying to find my size – or at least a 36-heel that doesn’t fall out when I walk – was a terrible journey! So there I was 2min in Zara and Hallelujah! For all the suffering 36-footed Ladies in Germany Zara is your savior!



OH! Did I mention there was canned Prosecco!?

OH! Did I mention there was canned Prosecco!?

I will not lie to you, when one goes to a shopping mall one will most likely end up buying more than planed. With the glowing offers left and right I had to make another stop at Douglas. I walked in for 4 min and came out with a  YOUSTAR Pastel-paletted nail set. You can never go wrong with Pastels.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.46.46 AM

After a 2-hour walk in the Glacis, I finally decided to put my journey to end. It was too crowded to shop! In the end I came out satisfied but for those who prefer a calmer situation I would recommend you to wait a couple of days until the “Eröffnung’s” fiasco is over.

My pastels and my Zara are coming with me to Paris. Stay tuned for my Styling special next week.



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I met the two talented ladies, Inna Stein and Carolina Rohner, at the AEDA Ceremony last year. Through the usually attendance, one is always overwhelmed at Award Ceremonies but the Berlin-based designers, were very hard to miss! They did not win the award that night but they definitely won my heart!

Fossilized - ss15

Fossilized – ss15

What I personally love in STEINROHNER is its ability to be cleverly selective. They chose the right crumbs of Avant-Garde and the right bits of Haute Couture then they mix it all up to create wonderful unique pieces. They somehow remind me of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Grenouille selected the purest scents to create the most powerful perfume through which he would rule the world. What STEINROHNER does is equally brilliant but obviously less dark and less devious! They move cleverly between fashion and art establishing unconventional work.

Fossilized - ss15

Fossilized – ss15

Putting the “C” in Couture de la Rue, Inna and Carolina stay true to their work by bringing Niveau to every collection’s concept.
Ladies in gents. with STEINROHNER, as style is born!

I will be meeting the designers again soon so stay tuned for exclusive styling tips with me in STEINROHNER. My next article with break down all you need to know about the brand, the designers themselves and their last presentation at Paris Fashion Week.



M.Ö.N.1.0. By Danny Reinke


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Danny Reinke is my recent and coincidental discovery. I have been seeking talented designers for a fashion-film collaboration and that is when my friend came in and introduced me to Reinke. Since then he and his work became very valuable to me. However, time will tell that Reinke will be even more valuable to the fashion industry than anyone else climbing the chains of success.

What I find so distinctive about Reinke’s style are the hints of nostalgia and eclecticism, specifically found in the M.Ö.N.1.0.collection. I always found calmness in his work yet a lot of extravagance in the same time and that is indeed one of the hardest things to achieve in fashion design. Reinke’s work is a fusion–a mixture–of Parisian raffinesse, Italian Glamour and sensuality and North German Calmness.





This wonderful fusion he brings is not selfish; it is not greedy nor egoistic. It comes with good tailoring and clean cuts making sure you get your money’s worth. Designing for both men and women becomes no challenge for the talented designer. From his Haute Couture to his Prêt-À-Porter, everything Danny Reinke makes screams “Designer Made”.

One must not forget the ecological process, essentially present in Danny’s process. Staying true to himself, he uses Bio-Textiles and recyclable materials in his production. Hats off Danny!



Reinke is not only about “make and sell”. His work is heavily based on strong valuable creative processes. You will easily see that especially in M.Ö.N.1.0.’s Fisherman collection and in his soon–to–be–released collection.



His last collection M.Ö.N.1.0. is among the many great ones he made but it remains my favorite…at least for now! To sum it up for you, many designers get inspired…Danny Reinke inspires.

Stay tuned on the blog to check out his upcoming collection with the campaign first released on our blog.



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Not so long ago I used to be a dancer. I danced for 17 years since I was 3 years old and I loved it so much. Dancing was an inspiration for me and still is. I admire many dancers and my recent favorite is the natural talent Maddie Ziegler. She is indeed very impressive but what I find more impressive is when two different fields merge together and create something new and wonderful. Similarly to Maddie and Sia, Christin Noel and Irene Cortina have brought joy to me with their MIMONO line.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.44.42 PM

MIMONO is a fusion of Dance training clothes and Prêt-à-Porter Fashion. Noel and Cortina, met in Berlin and started working together on their own dance company Since the costume design has been such a success they decided to start a fashion line! I can tell you that wasn’t at all a wrong choice.

Body_blackLace4 Body_blackLace5

MIMONO’s pieces are really flexible, trendy and Sexy. Items range from Bodies to Cardigans.  According to MIMONO:

“We choose to start with one main product: BODIES. We both love bodies and we have been working a lot with them for the dance company, they are very comfortable and extremely sexy in a yet sophisticated way… they are a great product! and we find that it is not so easy to find nice bodies in the fashion market nowadays… so, we make them!”

MIMONO is based in Berlin and provide fashion from high quality materials, designed for Foxy ladies! MIMONO’s talented designers ad:

“But… who are Foxy ladies?
Foxy ladies are elegant and classy, sure of themselves, they love their bodies and we love to create clothes to acclaim their natural beauty… they are so sexy!”
I can sure agree with that!


If you like MIMONO’s ideals and you want to know more about their collection, where to buy and how to style it make sure you stay tuned on my blog for another MIMONO special.

Clara Abi Nader – JPG


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Kim Kardashian’s Grammy’s dress by JPG

To all the hunters out there,

I’d like to rap today up with a nice message on the International Women’s Day. Paris based Photographer Clara Abi Nader creates the perfect message on this special day. Check out her project here and see the results:



Make sure you also check her work in progress on “by the window self portraits” https://www.behance.net/gallery/By-the-window-selfportraits-(Work-in-progress)/13746739

And her backstage photos at Jean Paul Gautier ss2015 Paris Haute Couture, featured in Kaltblut Magazine


During PFW Clara had a couple of words to say on her JPG’s backstage experience:


“I was completely mind-blown by the beauty, the elegance, the rush, the perfectionism that happens before the show. I had always wanted to shoot backstage and there it was! Right there in front of me! I loved the experience and I cannot wait to be shooting the fashion week again, for JPG and many other designers.”
We really hope so too! Not to belittle JPG’s work but Clara’s lens captures  delicate soft moments. Her pictures captivate me and they have such charm such softness! I feel a great deal of Délicatesse in every pictures she takes. The pictures speak the pictures feel just like the subjects she takes.
Clara is definitely the new Parisian rising star.

DSC3256 DSC3261


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