Is Online Shopping Taking Away Your BFF Moment?

I have never been a big fan of online shopping…I know its super easy and saves up a lot of time especially for working people who don’t live in cosmo cities and a next door 7/11. I am old school, I wait impatiently for THE shopping event I planned with X and Y and I love wasting hours in the fitting rooms going through hassle, I am the alley junkie who keeps coming for more of that shopping buzz which many of you complain about and find most likely decadent. The NOW is all about time efficiency…Online shopping is that solution offered.

However, for old-schoolers, shopping is more than a splurging day, it’s an experience, a trip shared with close friends, shared with individuals we trust and value their opinion. For us, going shopping is one of those rare remaining, strictly BFF moments that we have left in the rushing world of Mode rapide.

I moved out from home three years ago, I changed countries, made new friends, learned new things and built new knowledge. Let’s not hide it; yeah I struggled to keep good friendships going…but I did and that’s how life works. But it’s not until I lived abroad and shopped abroad, that I realized how much online shopping has replaced my BFF shopping experience. Not that you need to go abroad to shop online but somehow quick starting a new lifestyle made the everything more visual to me.

You know that friend who will undoubtedly hurl out the most crucial, harsh and well honest words describing whatever you are trying on or even thinking of buying. I mean sure you can meet new friends and go out with them for shopping but no one will be as honest as your BFF and no one will be as much as fun…

I miss those questions; “doesn’t it make my hips look fat?” “Do I look like that girl from Clueless in this dress?”, “you wana go to Starbucks after this?”…And honestly I miss the most that BFF who would run back to end of the shop to find you a different size or a different color of that shirt so that you won’t need to get out and change gazillion times.

“…68 percent of all Millennials demand an integrated, seamless experience regardless of the channel. That means being able to transition effortlessly from smartphone to personal computer to physical store in their quest for the best products and services.” So where is BFF role stepping in the online shopping and would there be any new solution offered to rebuild or re-bridge the lost BFF shopping experience?


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