All You Need to Know about Hair Tattoos

Kylie Jenner created a big internet buzz with a picture she released wearing what looked like a hair tattoo. The internet reacted back. Vloggers raced each other to hack that hair style and discovered Scüci, the brand that was producing hair tattoos. After being sold out on target, other brands and stores started making them as well to keep up with the increasing demand. But are they really worth the buzz?

Heck yeah! I got two sets of regular temporary tattoos and I experimented. At first its a bit tricky. One needs to choose the right pattern and right color that fits the hair and skin ton. The end result is guaranteed to look great but it has to depend on what look you want to achieve.

One thing you should know about them is that they are really cool looking and give your hair style a hippie-festival mood without the complication of complicated accessories that need to be adjusted every 5 min.

Another thing you should know is that, not everybody has worn them yet. This trend is super new and every time you wear a pattern people will definitely take notice. I got asked a thousand times what I had on my hair and everybody was fascinated by it. It feels good to wear something and be unique doing so.

They are also super easy to apply and look good on every hair style. You need simply to fix your hair they way you want, choose the correct patter that matches the style, stick it to you hair and apply gently a wet towel on it. Wait a few seconds then gently peal the tattoo paper off. It works the same way any other temporary tattoo does.

Lastly, you can use any temporary tattoo on your hair. Don’t let marketing brands fool you, there are no special tattoos for hair.

As a final note, avoid applying arabesque looking patterns because they are too large an bulky to match the minimalist trends of this summer.

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