Netflix: Series You Could Watch on a Sick Day

How great is it, to wake up on a white winter day in a foreign country? Not so great if you are stuck in bed with a terrible cold! Everything you eat tastes like bitter spiky leaves, you can barely move from your room to the kitchen, everything feels swollen and anything fun requires now 50 % more of whatever is left from your energy bank. What to do? What could one possibly do to have fun with minimal effort and forget the pain you are already in? Aha… Netflix! I will not write you a dissertation on how cool and practical Netflix is…you probably know that already and if you don’t just subscribe already and stop wondering. However what I could tell you is, which series you could watch that work perfectly with your cold or whatever sickness you have.

Start simple, when you are sick your body becomes really sensitive to noise so try not to watch a hard core action hero movies. Its too loud and there is nothing relaxing about watching that dudes beat and bow up eachother, it will only make your headache worse! Do not watch something too sad or dramatically serious…comm’on your nose is already dripping so avoid the waterworks. Try on the other hand to watch romantic comedies or witty series with a light humor.

1. Jane The Virgin : This is one of my favorites so far, I have been watching it all this week and it really helped forget my cold. Its about a young virgin who, as she goes in for a pepsmear, gets accidentally inseminated from her doctor by her boss’ sperm! This event changes her life for ever and the life she had planned for her, her future husband and her family. The series are a combination of comedy, drama and romance that work perfectly on a sick week and will help you get through the hard days…and nights.

2. A Young Doctor’s Notebook : I haven’t watched many episodes of this series yet but the first couple of episodes I found funny and intriguing. I initially discovered the series when I was back in film school and we had to synchronize the German translation as part of an exercise. The story line is new, its perfectly filmed and its played by the worlds most adored actors; Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm ! It works well for times of sickness because, like Jane the Virgin, its a perfect combination between humor , drama and intrigue. It keeps you interested and focused on the story which kind of makes you forget about any physical inconvenience you have.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt : This series is actually on my watch list, I saw the Netflix Trailer and it cracked my up. Its about a young women who was stuck in a doomsday cult for 15 years. She gets rescued and decides to lead a life in the Big Apple! You can never go wrong with a series like this!

Lastly if you haven’t watched Modern Family, New Girl and How I Met Your Mother, this would be a great time to start!


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