Get Inspired | The Winter Sale

Yeah, the holidays are over, but that is no reason to catch another winter-blues episode!

Well the winter sale is on that’s why!
The crashing prices might be tempting sure, but you don’t really need to buy everything you see just because the price tag falls lower than 20 EUR…

Sometimes it just easier and smarter to find a look you would like to have and make it your shopping target. This is much more efficient than buying 7 pairs of socks for 6 EUR and stack on 10 different skirts that fit to nothing you have just because the price is right! So I pulled out one of my favorite looks for this season and I tired to imitate it with what I could find in the online stores. This look is classic, basic but not boring. It still has the holiday flair into it but in the same time walks along the lines of the banging 70s hype this year.

Getting this look is simple. You just need a skirt a thin pullover and knitted sleeveless sweater over it. The only think you can do to make this look interesting and less boring than it sounds, is the way you combine colors together. See how I went a little bit daring with combining white on white and added a dash of mustard yellow underneath. It simple, fresh but also trendy considering how fashionable mustard became this year. Try to ad an oversize coat in mustard or in light brown and you have the perfect casual winter look!  For my french readers, you could check a translated version for this article here.

Top: H&M – similar

Skirt: Orsay – similar

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  1. lovely outfit!! the prices nowadays are definitely tempting, but you’re definitely right about not buying things just because it’s cheap! I also posted an outfit on my blog and would love if you take a little time to check it out!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I am checking yours now 🙂

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