Hotel Zur Blauen Blume

I often get it right when it comes to good quality theater and once again I made the right choice attending Hotel Zur Blauen Blume’s Premiere!

It was a wonderful atmosphere right form the start till the end. It started with an adorable interaction between the cast and the guests; the guest were welcomed in the waiting room by members of the play as if they were actually entering a hotel lobby. Room service dealing with VIP hotel guests, bell boys greeting around and waiters offering “fake” drinks. It was indeed a very amusing and comforting atmosphere!

The play later on offered a wonderful collaboration between live theater performance and cinematic acting as well as intriguing film projections by the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar students; A series of short clips demonstrated every weird stories that were happening in the hotel rooms on that night, intertwined by casual appearances of the blue mystical flower.

The entire mood of the films was a mix of comedy and mystery. It was very hard not to be enchanted by the Hotel Zur Blauen Blume’s performance especially under the wonderful 360 degree projections.

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