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After nearly two month of travel my feet have finally settled home…at least until Friday. My return from Paris was überrascht by travel plans to Hamburg, Lüneburg and Ulm, pushing my Paris Special into total delay. I wont lie Paris was great but if you expect me to write a “10 things to do in Paris” – article, well you are following the wrong Blog. Being there on an Affaire Familiale, I got to see the many different sides of Paris. Sure I did the tourist walk but I also learned the Parisian way of living.

I was fascinated
by many things, disappointed by some and appalled by others. Upon our arrival, we put our luggage at the Sanguine hotel – a mediocre hotel in the heart of Paris – and went on discovering the surroundings. The first thing I see after the monumental Madelaine is Ladurée and I recognized it from the crowd of bloggers around it, striking every posh pose in the book. According to our 8th arrondissement- host Ladurée has some exquisite speciaties but if you want the real deal in Paris, you have got to get a taste of Fauchon! We had Fauchon that night, I can still taste those unbeatable yummy Éclairs!

The following days where filled with city tours and eating plans. If there is anything in Paris better than fashion it is definitely the food. We had this lovely discrete place right in front of the Madelaine – Tante Louise – where I had the most delightful meal in years! This is not news but if you plan to eat in Paris be financially prepared. You will find affordable places but if you want to celebrate true french cuisine and have a meal you will eternally remember it will cost you…and its worth every penny!

When it comes to weather and personal security we had such luck in Paris, the only misfortune we ran into was the Strike of the Eiffel tower employees and our inability to access the museums and I will follow up on that thought later on. My biggest shock was the decrease of LV’s popularity and the big Marie-Antoinette celebration at Versailles. Well I am not totally shocked about Louis Vuitton’s popularity decrease, every time I see someone with another brown bag I gag! Our Parisian hosts refereed to him as “that guy who makes brown bags”… with such a belittling reference, I would reconsider my marketing strategy had I been working for LVMH.

One of the trips highlights was Montmartre. I know I said no cheesy tourist details will be mentioned but Montmartre is maybe one of the few touristic sites that are actually as good as people say it is. I don’t know why I feel so strong about this place. Maybe it is because of its great resemblance to Beirut – full of charm, energetic and hopefull – or maybe because of its striking view that no matter how loud the people can be there, you would still be able to go into deep silent sleep. I sat on the Sacrè Coeur’s stairs and it was just me and my thoughts gazing over Paris; 1000 tourist around but all I could hear was silence.

It was a total of 4 days but it was one of the most reviving trips I had in 2 years. Cool Paris or Posh Paris, I will tell you all about the details I experience next time.
Until then, Stay awesome!

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  1. Ray says:

    I love what you posted, I even wanted to visit the places you mentioned. I like your style of introducing and the way you expressed it smoothly and deliciously. thank you.

    1. haha Thank you so much 🙂

  2. asallows says:

    Oh wow, these photos are just stunning!

    1. Oh my thank you :)))))

  3. routelestyle says:

    Loved your post about your holiday in paris. Although i admit there was a time when i used to have the Same réaction when i saw an LV bag but lately the brand is having a résurgence under the néw créative director. I especailly like the LV box clutches!

    1. Thank you, yes a friend of mine works at Maison Martin Margiela and she told me the new C.D. is doing big changes! I am looking forward to see a refreshing new direction at LV.
      I am very happy that you read and liked the post 🙂

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