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Ciao Tutti

Have you ever had those times in life when you Stop, look around and ask „where and why am I going in this direction?“ That is what the last month was for me, the world around us is there to let us learn from mistakes, even in areas where we did not think possible.

Since a long time, I have preached about my appreciation to the contribution that Fast fashion does to the world of fashion. Since inspired by the creations of other refiner designers, making a translation of it turns the effect of fashion  and style affordable for almost everyone.

Even i it is not the traditional conception of the art of fashion, we should not demean it contribution. Who is under 25, and has NEVER buy something in a fast fashion retailer, please throw the first stone.!

But all of were for sure shocked by the news from Bangladesh the 24 of April. The collapsed garment factory that left several hundred dead, was a public call to the attention of everyone. They produced pieces for many retailers from Europe and America, which we have for sure all worn at least once (of course wont point any fingers , because it doesn’t help).

Have lived in a third world country, where cheap handwork is one of the biggest resources to offer, this situation is not completely unknown for most of us, but  what is the Fashion Industry doing about it. Since many years already the topic of ethical fashion has been going around the globe, for most of us surely sounded as a green camping or actually not a matter of change, but should this be a waking call to realize that fashion is not an isolated matter?. Because it is a part of our everyday life that spreads in thousands of branches, and reaches everyone (if if they don’t want it or know it) , but isn’t this at the end of the day also the beauty of fashion?

So many designers have been producing over the last two decades collections or products , that have the aim to be give something back to the hands that make them. Africa is of course one of the continents where manyy of this projects have taken place, and here are some examples, where fashion connects to the life, where the dream meets the real world.

The Fashion Journalism Goddess Suzy Menkes about the topic.

suzy menkes about ethical fashion

Once you think about the initiatives from many european countries, like the „Made in Italy“ which ensures their heriatage of high quality production. They also have laws that protect their workers and production, and this could bet he ones to make a difference in other countries. In Italy protects their heritage and  quality, but in manufaturer countries this could mean protect human life.

We can see examples of ethical fashion all around the world, from viviane Westwood to Michael Kohrs  and even in the Bussiness numbers show a big acceptance of Ethical Fashion in the Market. One Month ago,  Altro Mercato presented its collection Auteurs du Monde in Milan where I assisted with some friends. Designed by Marina Spadafora, an ethical fashion committed  designer. What I found interesting is that his company works with different communities around the world,  from Peru to India. This Summer collection used South Cotton, typical Indian, and recycled saris which ensured  a  one of a kind piece. Talking about style, they presented a very  summer beach look. But most importantly seeing the development of such an initiative had me thinking for a while, in how much the new generations can influence in the evolution of fashion as a mature and responsible matter.

Auteurs du monde

Here are some looks and and interview to the designer.

T-19ca3856485da9b4bb8c3c81e5fbcca3-440x660 T-e8167163a802f1f9a5aeb95b622722b0-440x660 totalklook4_strillo

I know this Blogg is about style and fashion and this article is not typically what is expected, but if fashion is a dream, How can we dream ignoring the nightmare of others! 😀

Wishing you a great Week


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  1. Flavio says:

    bravissimo Ferdi, sei grande

  2. thanks you are so kind 😀

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