Summer Juice – Make it Earthy

Summer Juice  – Dressed For a Casual Occasion


On a bright sunny day I got dressed to go out for a fruit juice with a friend of mine.

The occasion required something simple and casual and therefore I chose shorts and a knitwear blouse.


Thinking about color palette my choices were earthy neutral tones that would communicate the natural fibers touch.


Knitwear is surely one of my favorite garments. My closet has loads of knitted blouses, which I constantly wear.  One secret I must share is that I am a huge, real HUGE fan of Missoni! The way their lives intertwine with their creative work and how color is viewed and pursued is from my point of view one of the greatest living icons in fashion history.

This blouse is not a Missoni one but it reminds me of their work. I paired it up with striped linen shorts and raw cotton espadrilles.


After many years linen is still trying to work out on a come back but we have to say that here in Brazil it is not a very desirable cloth. We love ironed clothes and generally we do not understand smashed and creased trends. Just a national style matter!


Going back to my look… playing with stripes was also an idea to have some fun with textures.  My Vabene watches always call people’s attention wherever I go!


After years spent as a fashionista or fashion addicted or why not a style hunter I found out that wearing a statement piece is really important. Products that are made with care, and represent originality do make a difference on your look.


Do you plan your looks according to mood or occasion?

IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0304 IMG_0306

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