A paradise of luxury and design

Yesterday I visited the beautiful Rinacente in Milan! It’s a department store is located in the center of Milan, with the beautiful cathedral and Piazza Duomo in front of it. Here you can find everything from designed furniture, kitchen supplies, luxury accessories, cosmetics, holiday decorations, clothing and shoes.

The department store was built to make it easier for all the tourist that are interested in shopping, to come and buy everything they needed at one place. This was something very new for Italy in the beginning, to have all the big companies and brands together.

I found some designed interior pieces that i really liked, and connected it with trends and my own personal style of that day.

For example, i like accessories and follow the trends within it a lot. Right now, one of the new trends in nailart is called ” Caviar nails” witch I personally had the day at the Rinacente and found these cute dolls that reminded me a lot of that! It’s small pearls thats applied to the nail.

I like when artists play with design and make beautiful and hard works with something so simple as pearls.


Another thing were these vases that an Swedish artist has made called Kjell Engman. A new trend that we can see in many stores right now especially in accessories, is the color changing effect. I personally love it, thats why i wanted to show this to you!


Hope you liked it as much as i do! Good night, and take care 🙂

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  1. Gabriela Kassab says:

    love it !

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