Favorite personal style of the week


I put together a little collage of my favorite outfit of the week. Hope you get a little inspiration?

In the same time, I also want to let you guys know about this place called “Book village” that i visited a few days ago. Usually companies and brands visit places like this, to buy books about fashion and trends. You can find everything from trend books to special books for an individual garment. The prices for books like this, are a bit high, but it can be a really good investment for the company and your future collection. They also have a big section of magazines to offer.

The important thing when you are searching for inspiration and ideas for your collection in these kind of places, is to be on time. You have to think further ahead, because the books in the stores are for the year of 2014. Everything takes it’s time, so to be prepared to show the collection in time, they give out the books a lot earlier.

You can find stores like this in many places and fashion capitals of the world. Although, Book village is the only one in Italy at the moment.

Here are some pictures from the store also: ImmagineImmagine

Good night people! 🙂

Jovana Soljaga

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