Accessories Make it Happen

Patrícia Melo works ahead of a marketing department in a Brazilian fashion brand. Having lived in New York, where she graduated in marketing has given her a twist of urban simplicity enriched by accessories.

Her passion for necklaces has caught up my style compass… I had to know how in Patricia’s way of dressing a piece of accessory would change or define an outfit.

I invited Paty, her nickname, to a little show and tell session aiming to learn different ways of wearing necklaces.

At her office, Patrícia presented me some of her new acquisitions.

Considering pink a trendy color I quickly realized that contrasting colors could give a surplus to every outfit especially urban casual ones.

Black is beautiful is the absolute fashion statement so, no doubt a pitch black necklace will give the added value needed for any other color. I have to agree that black does match any color. Do you agree??

Further on, the long golden fancy necklace bought in New York drives me crazy. Talking style wise…Can you imagine a total black sheath and this piece? Nothing else to add! Perfect touch!

The rose gives a mix of edgy yet romantic look. I find it really cool in every kind of personal style. From day to evening I can see it pairing with classic and modern clothes. Versatile pieces drive me crazy!!

Chunky twisted necklace enriched with crystals surely adds value to jeans andt-shirt looks. My imagination goes wild! What if I wear it over shirts or simply on a sweater? I know it sounds pretty common but it is true that possibilities are multiple.

Last but not least Patricia shows how she interprets modern: Geometric shapes + shining sparkling crystals.

Last but not least some earrings show up! It is true that in the Northern Hemisphere large earrings are assuming the necklace’s place. It seems Paty really has a good feeling towards accessories!

Look of the day? A kind of a Goddess inspired piece embellished by pearls that changed the simple black t-shirt completely.

I do have to agree with Patricia Melo, accessories do make it happen!

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