Isadora – Gold is the key to success!

Isadora is one of these girls who make a statement just with her own presence.

Devoted to philanthropy since early childhood she represents to me a way of living peacefully along with Family, her ownself and all people who love her.

What have I learned from her style? Well…we have a lot of similar objects which magnetically showed us our matching tastes!

Most of all what I like in Isadora’s style is the way she illumines ivory and off-white tints. Every single detail is brighten-up by a golden touch. Even her make-up follows this rule!

The result is lovely and really poshy!

Two little style secrets we share:


1 – A traditional watch for a classic oriented feeling.

2- A vintage piece to add up a heritage exclusive element to the whole look.

On this day we found out we had the same vintage Moschino Bucket Bag. Amazingly funny!! Hahaha!!


Gold is the key to success!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol Hudson says:

    Isadora rocks!

  2. Luiza Nasser says:

    She gorgeous inside and outside!! love ver

  3. Priscila says:

    She’s way more than just a pretty face ; )

  4. Daniel Luchine says:

    And yet, her shiniest gold is in her personality! Isadora inspires everyone who surround her.

  5. Priscila Vieira says:

    She is a princess and her heart is made of love!!! S2

  6. Nathalie Mazzaro says:

    as people said, she is beautiful on the inside and outside! very proud of her!!! te amo Isa!

  7. Juliana says:

    She is amazing!!! Love her style!! Very classy but always trendy!! She is beautiful, smart, sweet and a very good person! Love this post!! Xx

  8. Leonardo Coutinho says:

    Really beautiful! Isadora is the kind of person who always leaves the things and people better than she found it.

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